Why Vegan?

There are many reasons a person will decide to go vegan: ethical, environmental, health, political, religious, moral, even boredom could find itself on the list (do you know how interesting it is to learn to cook in an entirely different manner?!?). I’m sure there’s still more that I’ve never even considered yet. Individual reasons for adopting a vegan diet and/or lifestyle can be as varied as well, individuals are. There’s no blanket answer to this question. For me personally, my decision to go vegan was motivated by a combination of a few of the above mentioned, but mainly a desire to boycott industries that I believe to be harmful and irresponsible to our society as a whole and deceitful to their customers. I gave myself a one month trial, thanks to Dr. Neil Barnard’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program. Rather than feeling frustrated, hungry, and lethargic, as I expected I would, I found myself feeling amazing and energized- both physically and psychologically. A deep love of animals and the earth compounded with a respect for buddhist philosophy are issues close to my heart, and actualizing a vegan diet helps me feel like I’m living in a manner more closely aligned to my personal beliefs. The more I learn about the benefits of veganism, the more I’m sure this is the single most important and beneficial decision I’ve ever made.

Are all of these your recipes?

No, not all. Some of them are things I’ve whipped up on my own, some are veganized versions of family recipes (I’m part Italian, I grew up in a kitchen), and some have been created by other amazingly talented vegan chefs. I’m just cooking them for you and letting you see how awesome they are. Fortunately, the path was blazed before me by a few individuals that made veganism delicious and exciting- ladies of the The PPK, I’m talking to you. Without Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, I’d be lost..and hungry…and bored. Thank you! If a recipe is not mine, you will noticed I have given full credit to the author. Please support their creativity- buy their cookbooks, find and love them via social media, cook their food and tell everyone where you found it! And if you use anything you find here, please be kind enough to return the favor.

Do vegans hate people that eat meat?

This seems like a ridiculous question, but it has been one I’ve asked many times throughout my journey and I’m sure there’s still more to come, so I’d love to address it here. No, we don’t hate people that eat meat. At least, I hope not- we’re less than 1% of the population, that’s a whole lot of angst and negativity to be carrying around with you.

What I do hate though are stereotypes that go along with being a vegan, like we’re all some type of earthy crunchy hippies living in some malnourished commune. Not the case. I live in the city. I own a small business, that has nothing to do with food or animals, in the ‘burbs. I don’t burn incense (that often) and I don’t throw red paint on people’s fur coats (although I may meow at them under my breath and offer up a disgusted look or two). Hell, I don’t even really like salad.

Point is, no two people and no two vegans are the same. It is my personal affinity for other people, vegan and non, that makes me want to share the benefits and adventures (and sometimes disasters) of my vegan journey. I am motivated by love, hate (wait—-do I sound like a hippie??) Besides, why waste time on silly emotions when you can just cook it out?!

Does this stuff taste good?

Yes! Or else I wouldn’t be sharing it here. I love making meals for people, vegans, vegitarians, and omins alike. If it meets their approval, I feel it’s generally safe for the public at large.

Alhtough, like everything else, sometimes a recipe’s a total fail. If that happens, I’ll be sure to let you know too so you don’t waste time and money on the same mistakes I made.

Do all vegans have cats?

Hmmm….really? Okay. Although it seems to be a vegan phenomena, it’s definitely not a prerequisite. I do not, nor do I have any intentions to ever, own a cat. If I were to adopt any animal, it would be a kick-ass dog. Lots of cats that need families are at rescue shelters and vegans generally dig animals, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe lots of people in general just own cats. I’m not a cat lady. I couldn’t tell ya. But what I can tell you is that if you want to get a cat (or a dog or whatever) to complete your animal friendly lifestyle, rescuing an animal is the way to go.

Will being vegan make me skinny?

Not necessarily, says this chubby chickpea, but if done correctly it will make you healthier.  What will make you skinny is eating fewer calories than you expend in a day. Lots of vegan food has a high nutrient density so it may seem like weight loss is a natural result of being vegan, but may I remind you that coconut milk ice cream, french fries, and oreos are all vegan and not remotely healthy.

However, it is definitely possible to lose weight on a well structured vegan diet. (You don’t have to eat chicken and lettuce ever day for weight loss. This is a myth.) There are great resources to help with this and even a few cookbooks. I can recommend Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Appetite for Reduction for yummy, healthy things with nutritional breakdowns on each recipe. I’ve made almost everything in it and it hasn’t let me down yet. Journaling your food is helpful too. Weight Watchers is a great guide to help you figure out where you are and where you should be. There are even some vegan forums to help with recipes and breakdowns.

Being vegan may help with weight loss, but most likely it’s not alone going to do it for you. You’re gonna have to work.

Did you forget the apostrophe in “Vegans Bite’?

Nope, but thanks for noticing. There’s multiple entendres happening here.  😉


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