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food for thought…or not

I’ve been CHOPPED (…but vegans chop more compassionately so it’s cool).


Awwww…. well, the first vegan/chopped challenge has come to an end, and I’m sad to say I didn’t win…. but it was lots of fun.

I was thinking that I should try to create the other 2 dishes I was considering for the contest (but knew would come in well over 40 minutes), just to see what happens with them.

The first was a chilled minted pea soup w/ blackberry drizzle in an edible chocolate chili bowl and my other idea was a chocolate curry with stuffed paratha and a blackberry chutney….

To be honest though, I have no desire to make chocolate bowls or chocolate curry…ever.  I don’t even like chocolate.   The stuffed paratha though might be a keeper and I am very fond of pea soup.

The winner did a lovely job with her mock salmon! Big ups to her and all the other entries and winners.  See the complete post of the winners and runners up with their lovely entries here.

Thanks to all who helped me brainstorm, ate my food, and of course to my photographer/sous chef Derek for all the wonderful dancing.



Holy !@*#! I ate pizza! :(


Yup, I did it. I ate pizza.

It wasn’t one of my shining moments, but damn it was good.  Now that’s not me in the photo, thankfully there is no photographical record of this event, but after much internal quandary I felt it was important to share this information with well, the world or whomever may read this.

“Why?” you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It was 3am on a Saturday night and I found myself in the North End shuddering at the thought of only french fries in my Jameson filled belly. I was hungry, dammit! And if you’re gonna screw up and eat pizza, the North End is an admirable place to do so.

Yes, I now realize I did indeed have options that didn’t present to me at the time.  I could have ordered with no cheese.  I could have gotten some type of cheeseless calzone.  I could have gone home at 3am instead of out for pizza. Or I could have just enjoyed having a great pizza and gone back to my vegan diet the next day as if nothing had happened.

I chose the latter.

The reason I share this, despite potential jeers and heckles from the vegan police, is because I am still vegan. That was weeks ago, and it didn’t “turn me back”, so to speak.  I am so much more mindful of the food I consume now than I ever have been.  My body is healthier. My mind is clearer. My heart is more compassionate.

Pizza didn’t break me. I accepted the choice I made and carried on.

Traditionally being vegan is all or nothing.  I challenge that and say that there is a middle way. The slope is not slippery. Hell, it’s not even a slope.  So if you recklessly eat some cheese, don’t jump ship, (wo)/man. If you have to change your online dating profile to read “mostly vegan” instead of “strictly vegan,” yeah…. you might get kicked out of some clubs, but are you doing this for yourself or to be a member?

I say you’re still doing good things.  Just keep on keepin’ on.

Not another food blog!?


Yes,  but not just any food blog, this one goes up to eleven.

Welcome to vegans bite.  First off, it’s vegan! Yay! Secondly, it’s real. It’s do-able. Very few funky ingredients. Very few falsies (my term of endearment for the hyper-processed fake meats and cheese things that flood the appropriated vegan section at your local supermarket).

We’re not all super vegans. We don’t all want all salad all day. Sometimes, just sometimes, we crave something weird from our pre-vegan (pregan?)  days.  And then it passes.  We don’t tell our vegan friends we were craving a chicken nugget (even though we know there’s like 82 ingredients in each one) in a dark & shadowy moment of weakness.  We just buy some fake chick’n nuggets & tater tots and carry on.

This is all about the carrying on, but in deliciously amazing ways.

I hope to offer some of the tips and techniques for eating and cooking all things vegan (delicious things at that) that have helped me not only endure but truly embrace a vegan way of eating….and also impressed the omnis in my life with my mad crazy kitchening skills.

In tofu we trust…