F l o r i s t . V e g a n .  R o c k s t a r .  C o o k .  D r e a m e r .

I’m a voluptious little vegan chicka hailing from and living in good ol’ Boston, MA and doing my nine to fives in the ‘burbs… more like 10-6’s but who’s counting.

I like writing, dancing, and long walks on the beach. I wish there was more of a market for writing about dancing with dogs on the beach. I’d be all over it.

I’m passionate about cooking, listening to music, drinking wine, and human interactions. My favorite evenings involve a combination of the four.

I could probably put gravy on anything and enjoy it that much more.

I think your ass looks good in those jeans and I’m not afraid to say so.   mee-owwww!


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