Can I get some fries with that burgercake-cake, cutie?


It’s the end of January, and I’ve taken way too much time off from my newly begotten bloggie blog.

Therefore in an attempt to forget the ice of Boston (but never The Dismemberment Plan) and pretend I actually have something to share, I decided to recall one of my favorite summer creations…and post a photo of one of my handsomepants nephews, Tyler.

So I didn’t make these.  They are the product of my dear vegan baker extraordinaire Bea. I’m not sure of the recipe or where she got it, but I’m guessing it’s her own spin on some PPK goodness.  I did however eat them and I can tell you that not only were they fck-me adorable, they were kill-me delicious.

The time and attention to detail to make these babies (including “borrowing”  peanut containers from 5Guys) is of the kind which I will never possess, but I’m thrilled I got to not only enjoy them but feed them to a crowd at a very meaty barbecue.

They are a chocolate “burger” center with a vanilla cupcake “bun” (complete with sesame seeds), topped with lettuce, tomato, and cheese buttercream frosting and a ruffled toothpick so damn cute it stabbed my little heart. The fries are sugar cookies sprinkled with coarse sugar and cut into long thing parallelograms, i repeat, parallelograms-not rectangles as shape is key, with a pastry cutter.

Ty thought they were the best burgers ever!

Thanks, Bea!!!!


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