Not another food blog!?


Yes,  but not just any food blog, this one goes up to eleven.

Welcome to vegans bite.  First off, it’s vegan! Yay! Secondly, it’s real. It’s do-able. Very few funky ingredients. Very few falsies (my term of endearment for the hyper-processed fake meats and cheese things that flood the appropriated vegan section at your local supermarket).

We’re not all super vegans. We don’t all want all salad all day. Sometimes, just sometimes, we crave something weird from our pre-vegan (pregan?)  days.  And then it passes.  We don’t tell our vegan friends we were craving a chicken nugget (even though we know there’s like 82 ingredients in each one) in a dark & shadowy moment of weakness.  We just buy some fake chick’n nuggets & tater tots and carry on.

This is all about the carrying on, but in deliciously amazing ways.

I hope to offer some of the tips and techniques for eating and cooking all things vegan (delicious things at that) that have helped me not only endure but truly embrace a vegan way of eating….and also impressed the omnis in my life with my mad crazy kitchening skills.

In tofu we trust…


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